Inverters and controllers

Eco Green Energy provides you its high quality solar charge controllers and inverters (on grid & off grid).

Our company can provide you full kits products, ready to use such as our solar road lights or solar powers systems, but we can also provide you the different components to build your solar products by yourself.
Here are more details about our products:

Solar charge controllers:

EGE is able to supply a large range of solar charge controller, for different kind of use, for solar road lights and for off grid solar systems for example.
We offer you different kind of models, with different features and advantages, such as:

  • Manual Operation solar charge controllers
  • Time and light control solar charge controllers
  • Solar charge controllers with external LCD screen control (PWM and MPPT)
  • Solar charge controllers with AC complementary power supply
  • Computer controlled solar charge controllers

On grid inverters:

Our company proposes you both single phase and three phase inverters to use as on grid solar power systems.
Our inverters are high quality products, easy to install and easy to use thanks to their user-friendly interface. 
We ensure you conversion efficiency of more than 97.8% for single phase series, and of 98.2% for three phase models.
We offer you a large range of inverters, according to your needs, from 1.5kW to 20kW

Off Grid Inverters:

Eco Green Energy provides you as well its power frequency pure sine wave inverters. 
Our inverters are equipped with and integrated transformer to ensure good performance.
This kind of inverters is used for big power loads. We offer you a large range from 300W to more than 20kW.
These inverters can be connected to the grid or to a generator. They are very solid, with several protective functions .

Integrated Off Grid Inverters with MPPT Controller:

EGE provide you its integrated off grid inverters. From 2KW to 200KW, we offer you a large range of products that can be designed according to your needs.
This integrated inverters have several advantages compare to the classic off grid inverters:

- The inverter is high frequency coming with 5 years warranty. It is more stable than the normal inverters. 
- The battery input voltage is higher than normal inverters. If the solar panel power is enough, it still can work without battery.
- All of the inverters parameters can be shown on its LCD screen
- The working status can be monitored through WIFI or RS232 or RS485.
- The efficiency is much higher than normal inverters. (97% instead of 85%)


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