LED lights

LED lights are brighter, more stable and with a longer lifespan than classic lights.

Eco Green energy can provide you several kinds of LED products, for different kind of use, according to your request.

LED Head Lights:

Eco Green Energy provides you a large range of LED lamps for street lights, from 12W to more than 220W.
Our products are strong, using high quality components such as LED chips, high technology LED driver, and aluminum out shell. They have been designed to resist to any cold or very hot temperatures. We ensure you excellent heat dissipation thanks to the design of our products.
Our LED head lights are ideal for your outdoor lighting, with a solar road light for example.
We offer you a large range of models, of different designs and powers. 

LED Bulbs:

EGE provide you as well its LED bulbs. By far the most energy efficient, the cleanest and most eco-friendly way of illumination for your home, garden, etc.
We propose a large range of LED bulbs, for any kind of application, according to your own requirement. 
We are able to provide you the suitable product if you are looking for LED bulbs for:
Home use and decorations: From 3W to 30W, AC or DC input, our LED bulbs are strong, efficient and with a long life span of more than 30,000 hours.
Yard lights: From 1.5W to 15W, using Epistar LED chips, and from 5W to 16W, with SMD, we propose you a large range of choice, in order for you to find the right product for your request.
Road lights: Very powerful LED bulbs, our range extend from 20W to more than 60W. Available in both AC and DC, our lights have excellent heat dissipation and a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

LED High Bay Lights:

At EGE, we are able to provide you the best choices for areas with higher ceilings with a brilliant high intensity output and a useful life of up to 50,000 hours.
Indeed, our LED high bay lights are the best solution for industrial application. Our products are made with high quality components, such as Main Well LED driver, Cree and Bridgelux LED chips, to ensure you a perfect product.
LED high bay lights are suitable for many indoor applications such as shipyards, mines, workshops, factories, warehouses, highway toll stations, gas stations, exhibition halls, stadium, etc.
Eco Green Energy is able to provide you LED high bay lights from 20W to 200W.


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