Solar road lights

Eco Green Energy solar road lights combine performance with efficiency

We can provide you a wide selection of solar road lights, with different size, power and designs. We can customize your solar road light according to your specific needs and expectation.

For EGE, solar road lights have always been one of our main products. We exported more than 50,000 solar road lights kits since 2007. Our large number of projects achieved is the proof of our seriousness and of the quality of our products.

We provide you different kinds of solar road lights, according to your needs:

Solar Road lights:

Eco Green Energy can provide you all kinds of solar street lights, from 5 to 10 meters, with one or two head lights, battery gel or lithium burried in the ground, at the bottom, or hung on the pole, depending on your own specifications!
We ensure you a perfect quality of products thank to our efficient components such as the LED lamp, the gel or lithium battery, the PWM or MPPT controller and the grade “A” solar panels.

Solar Yard lights:

Our solar yard lights are manufactured according to the latest technology in solar lighting. EGE provides an abundant lighting product, fully independent and running with solar energy.
We provide you all the necessary parts to build and assemble your own solar yard lights in your garden or yard.
EGE offers you a wide selection of solar yard lights, from 2 to 5 meters, with different designs and power. We can customize your lamp to suits your specific requirements.

Integrated LED Solar Street lights:

This product is an all-in-one solution. Panel, LED lamp, Lithium Battery and motion sensor are all integrated in one piece.
We ensure you a perfect product with high quality components for a high efficiency and a long lifespan.
This product is a turnkey solution, easy to install, to maintain and to replace.

Integrated LED lights:

This product is as well a all-in-one product, but especially for small powers. It can be use in hour garden or your yard !




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