Solar systems

Eco Green Energy is specialized in the production of solar power systems, both On Grid and Off Grid models.


On Grid solar power systems

Our On Grid solar power systems generate energy silently and without any moving parts. Sunlight falls on the solar panels and generates DC electricity. This DC electricity is converted into household AC electricity, through the inverter. The electricity goes to your appliances and lights, or to the grid, or some to each. This happens silently and automatically every day.
Eco Green Energy provides you a large range of On Grid solar powers systems, single phases and three phases. 
Our products are high quality certified. They are powerful, intelligent, user friendly and will satisfy all your needs for sure.

Off Grid solar power systems

Off grid solar power system applications are autonomous and self sufficient system, with no connection to the public grid. PV solar panels energy combined with storage system provides a power production completely independent from the public electricity grid. 
Eco Green Energy provides you a large range of products:

  • Small DC solar systems: The best solution for some LED bulbs and to recharge your mobile phone
  • DC/AC Solar power systems, with or without integrated box for the batteries, with or without UPS function. 

Our product is a turnkey solution, easy to install and easy to use. We ensure you a perfect quality thanks to our high efficient components, such as our Pure Sine Wave inverters, controllers PWM/MPPT, GEL batteries and Grade “A” solar panels.
We can provide you off grid solar power system from 300W to 30KW, according to your own needs. 

Intelligent Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Developed in 2013, these intelligent off grid solar power systems are revolutionary products. Strong, controllable through a computer, smart and easy to use, this product may be the best solution for your business.
A single cable connected by USB to your computer allows you to take full control of your solar power system. With only one click on the mouse of your computer, you can simply turn On/Off your system; download monthly reports about your production and consumption of electricity, etc.

Eco Green Energy offers you a wide range of systems, from 1Kw to 6Kw, according to your own needs.

EGE Solar Power Systems are the best solution to reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills while generating clean energy!

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