Water heaters

Because there are still too many places over the world, where the water is absent or too expensive for some ones, Eco Green Energy supply high quality solar water heaters in order to provide the best solution to this problem.
Eco Green Energy produces and exported all kind of solar water heaters: With vacuum tubes or with flat plates, non pressure, pressurized or with separated water tank.
Our solar water heaters have been exported to all over the world since 2007 and make the entire satisfaction of our clients.
EGE provides you a turnkey solution: We have the ability to customize your solar water heaters according to your request, whether for design as for technical specification.

Here are more details about our different products:

Non pressure solar water heaters with tubes

Natural circulation of the water between the solar tubes and the water tank. It is suitable for very high temperature and good sunshine conditions. 

Pressurized solar water heaters with tubes:

No water going through the vacuum tubes. The water in the tank gets heat thanks to the copper pipes in the tubes. This product is mostly sold in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Separated tank solar water heater with tubes:

The collectors are separated from the water tank. The tank can be put anywhere in the house, so the whole system us harmonious with the building.

Solar water heaters with flat plates:

Beautiful design and high efficiency, EGE provides you different models according to your needs: non pressure, pressurized or with separated tank.

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