Alumbrado Público - Nuevo proyecto en Ghana

En el area Residencial del Aeropuerto Hills en Accra, Capital de Ghana ordenaron algunas Luces para alumbrado público. Lluminando el camino de una forma mas económica y amable con el medio ambiente. Estan usando el modelo de faroles LED EGE-HL3-DC60 para 60 Watt.
November, 22nd 2017

Proyecto en Marroco

Se instalaron 120 paneles solares en Policristalino de 260 watts por la empresa EPS in Marroco. Nuestro Socio M. Abdallah instalo este proyecto de sistema on grid en una semana para irrigar una huerta en la ciudad de Fes.
November, 17th 2017

Solar Road Lights for a village in Zimbabwe

Here some picture of our project in Zimbabwe, Nyadire Mission-Mutoko District. This project means a lot to us, the solar road lights have been installed in a village to light the path from the church center to the school.
October, 20th 2017

Shipping to Bolivia

DIRECTION TO BOLIVIA Today, all the goods were controlled and checked and are now ready to be shipped to Bolivia! At Eco Green Energy, we want to ensure the best quality and safety for delivery goods until they reach our customers. Good shipping conditions and packaging are the first steps.
October, 13th 2017

New project in Ghana with The United States African Development Foundation!

This is our project for United States African Development Foundation! 9 fridges and freezers for villages in Ghana! We just received the picture of installation! If you have also some projects of this kind, let us know!
October, 12th 2017

Our solar system project in Malaysia

Eco Green Energy is more and more present in Asia, with this latest project in Malaysia, with some in Grid and Off Grid system.
May, 26th 2017

On grid system in Honduras

Our client in Honduras just shared some pictures of 3 kw on grid system with EGE 250 w poly panels. Welcome to contact us to know more.
May, 8th 2017

EGE hybrid system in Kenya

Our client in Kenya just installed 3kw hybrid system. Welcome to contact us to know more.
January, 4th 2017

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