Solar road lights in Kenya

100 sets of 8m, 60w solar road lights in Kakuma, Turkana county, Kenya.
August, 29th 2016

Our solar systems for schools in Turkana

1kw and 1.5kw solar systems for schools in Turkana county in Kenya, we supplied the whole set, in total is 54 sets.
July, 25th 2016

Latest solar project in Argentina

Our client gave us some project pictures about Solar Water Pump Inverter Installation of 15KW in Argentina.
April, 15th 2016

Solar panels for water pump project in Argentina

Here are some pictures from our client in Argentina. He is using our solar panels for his solar water pump !
February, 26th 2016

Solar Panels for roof in Ghana

A picture of a recent project in Ghana. Our client bought 260W solar panels to install on houses roofs.
February, 26th 2016

Our batteries in Ghana

Our batteries installed in a house in Ghana. In total, 30pcs 2V2000ah batteries to supply all the house with clean and free energy from the sun !
October, 23rd 2015

Latest solar project in Ghana

Ghana is one of the first country where EGE started its business. We have now hundreds of projects over there and it is always a pleasure to receive installation pictures from our clients !
October, 23rd 2015

Our products in Madagascar

Some of our products in a shopping mall in Madagascar. LED integrated lights, solar water heaters, solar panels, solar DC systems, solar fridges, everything available over there !
October, 21st 2015

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