Latest solar project in Ghana

Ghana is one of the first country where EGE started its business. We have now hundreds of projects over there and it is always a pleasure to receive installation pictures from our clients !
October, 23rd 2015

Our products in Madagascar

Some of our products in a shopping mall in Madagascar. LED integrated lights, solar water heaters, solar panels, solar DC systems, solar fridges, everything available over there !
October, 21st 2015

Solar road light project in Lebanon

Here are some pictures provided by our clients, of the installation of our solar road lights in Lebanon !
September, 11th 2015

Solar road light installed in Zimbabwe for an hospital

Our client provided us today some pictures of our head lights and solar panels installed in Zimbabwe. It is a project confirmed this year, for more than 20pcs solar road lights installed in the biggest hospital of the city !
May, 28th 2015

25KW solar panels installed in Kenya

Our client has received and installed the solar panels we provided him. In total, it is more than 700pcs 250W poly solar panels that has been exported to our clients. We still have stock available for these panels ! Feel free to contact us at if you are interested !
May, 25th 2015

16kw solar panels installed in Kenya

Here are some pictures of our latest projects: 16kw solar panels have been installed in Machakos pastoral centre Catholic Church in Kenya !
May, 25th 2015

Solar Power System in Kenya !

Our client provided us some pictures of our solar panels installed on his roof in a riftvalley of Turkana county in Kenya. It is a place where there is no access to the grid electricity, so that there is a real need for high quality solar panels !
April, 27th 2015

1.5KW Solar Power Systems in Kenya

Our client just provided these nice pictures. He installed our solar panels to install his 1KW and 1.5KW Solar Power systems in several schools in Baringo Country, Kenya. More than 9000pcs 120W solar panels have already been sent to our client for this project !
March, 11th 2015

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