Installation of a On Grid Solar Power System in Mexico

The best solution to reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills while generating clean energy
August, 1st 2013

LED high bay lights project for a factory in Ghana

High bay light is the best solution for indoor high ceiling lighting.
August, 1st 2013

Our recent solar off grid system project in Peru

This 2KW off grid solar power systems provide abundant and free energy, everywhere, at any time.
July, 1st 2013

Solar traffic lights installed in Mali

Keep your roads safe even during electricity failures.
July, 1st 2013

Solar road lights project in Angola

Our Solar road lights are designed according to our clients own requirements
July, 1st 2013

Installation of LED tubes in a house in Peru

Eco Green Energy can provide any quantity of LED tubes, for big projects as for personnal use!
July, 1st 2013

Solar camping lights for the Ministry of Energy in Ghana

EGE is glad to provide electricity to the ones who really need it, and to contribute to their daily life improvement.
June, 1st 2013

Solar lanterns and camping lights used in offices in Senegal

Our small solar lighting product are very convenient, portable and easy to use!
December, 1st 2012

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