Families in Ghana are now using our emergency

Our small solar lighting product are very convenient, portable and easy to use!
March, 1st 2012

Our solar water heaters installed in Niger

EGE proposes a large range of solar water heaters with tubes or plates, non pressure, pressurized or with separate tank.
February, 1st 2012

Some solar road lights installed in Qatar

Eco Green Energy solar road lights combine performance and efficiency. We offer a wide selection of solar road lights, of different sizes, design and powers.
November, 1st 2011

Solar road lights installed in Niger

We have exported our solar road lights to more than 25 countries in Africa. Here is our latest project in Niger
August, 1st 2011

Our recent project: 500pcs solar road lights installed in Togo

Every year, EGE export more than 10,000pcs solar road lights to all over the world
August, 1st 2011

Off Grid solar system installed in a building in Niger

EGE is glad to provide electricity to the ones who really need it, and to contribute to their daily life improvement.
September, 1st 2010

We recently installed some solar yard lights in Nigeria

EGE also provide small solar yard lights, from 3 to 5 meters, according to your own specifications
October, 1st 2009

Discover our first project in Slovenia: More than 10KW solar panels installed

We are glad to enter in the slovenian market with this high efficiency solar panels project
October, 1st 2008

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