Integrated LED driver controllers
(EGE-SRL-A Series)
Main Features
1New design wireless remote-control, can modify and read the controller parameters 2Digital high precision constant-current control, the maximum efficiency can reach 96%. 3The working current can be adjusted from 0.15A to 3.3A, the regulating precision is 30mA. 43 section time frame dimming function design 5Intelligent power mode, the load power can be adjust automatically according to the battery power, can extend the maximum working time of the battery. 6Record the system status, can record at a max 7days and monitor the whole system. 7Metal case, IP68 waterproof degree, can suitable use in all kinds of bad conditions. 8Electronic protection: Overheating , over charging and discharging,overload and short circuit. 9Varies system protection function. Including the battery reverse connection, LED short circuit, open circuit protection and so on.
EGE-SRL-A(15A, 12V/24V) DC12V/50W DC24V/100W

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