PWM Controller with LCD screen
(HP Series)
Main Features
112V/ 24 V system voltages are automatically recognized. 23-stage PWM charging algorithm is adopted for extending the battery's service life. 3With temperature compensation employed, charging parameters can be automatically adjusted. 4A wide range of load working modes facilitate the product's application to different types of load. 5The product provides overcharge, over-discharge, overload protection, as well as short-circuit protection. 6By virtue of an advanced load starting method, large-capacitance loads can be started smoothly. 7The product provides a dot matrix graphic LCD screen and a human-machine interface with a key. 8The user-friendly design of browser and dynamic interfaces ensure convenient and intuitive operations. 9TVS lighting protection is adopted.
EGE-10/1224 12V/24V10A EGE-20/1224 12V/24V20A

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