PWM with LCD screen controllers
(PWM series)
Main Features
1LCD screen for displaying system working status and parameters. 2Adjustable charge and discharge controlling parameter. 3Boost Charge mode auto shifts on when the battery voltage is lower than boost charge return voltage. 4Double temperature sensors. One inner sensor and one outer sensor for the battery temperature compensation. 5It possesses over current protection when charging which can decrease the charging current so as to protect the charge circuit if it exceeds the rated current. 6Improved charge algorithm, equalize the charge once a month to prevent the battery damage and extend its life span. 7Industrial grade design, can be used under various kinds of environment. 8Double MOS in series circuit adopted in charge circuit, PWM charging control to improve charge efficiency. 9Power-fail protection for saving tech data which makes the system operation more reliable. 10Multiple loads control modes.
EGE-30/1224 - 12V/24V30A EGE-30/3648 - 12V/24V/36V/48V30A EGE-45/1224 - 12V/24V/45A EGE-45/3648 - 12V/24V/36V/48V45A EGE-60/1224 - 12V/24V60A EGE-60/3648 - 12V/24V/36V/48V60A

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