Lighting products

Enjoy clean, abundant and free lighting, everywhere, at any time, thanks to our solar lighting products.

Eco Green Energy provides you different solar lights, depending on your own needs:

Integrated solar LED head lights:

This product is an all-in-one solution. Panel, LED lamp, Lithium Battery and motion sensor are all integrated in one piece.
We ensure you a perfect product with high quality components for a high efficiency and a long lifespan.
This product is a turnkey solution, easy to install, to maintain and to replace.

Solar lanterns:

Eco Green Energy solar camping lights are very efficient. We offer you the possibility to have light everywhere, outside, inside, with an important brightness.
EGE propose you different models, with different function according to your own needs, such as: mobile phone charger, radio, etc.
Our solar lanterns are delivered as full kits including solar panel, lamp and accessories.

Solar torch lights:

Our large range of solar torch lights provides you the following advantages: easy, small, simple, useful, and without any trouble of low battery.
Those products offer you a brighter light than usual torch lights because we are using the LED technology. Our solar torch lights have between 1 and 10pcs LED, and can operate for more than 8 hours with one charge.
We provide you different models, with different design, brightness and functions. It is an all-in-one product, ready to use.

Solar underground lights:

We offer you solar underground lights and solar spike lights, for different kinds of use. Our lights can be used as road divider or road limiter, as well for decoration or to light up your garden, your house entrance, etc.
Our products are strong, powerful and very bright, thanks to our high quality super luminosity LEDs.

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