Water pumps

EGE produces and exports solar water pumps to all the over the world.

Our product will offer you the possibility to pump the water in the areas which are not supplied by electricity. Our products are the best solution to supply villages and families with clean and abundant water.

Eco Green Energy solar water pumps are easy to install, to remove, to transport and to store. It is a high quality product, reliable and efficient.
We provide you different kind of solar water pumps, according to your own needs.

DC solar water pumps:

With a large range of power from 120W to 4000W, our solar water pumps are designed to suit your needs! 
For each pump power, we are able to provide you different models, with different flow rates and lift head, in order to provide you the best solution. (Depending if the water flow rate or the lift head is more important for you).

AC solar water pumps:

Very powerful, from 4Kw to 18.5Kw, our AC solar water pumps are the ideal product for irrigation.
Our product is composed of solar panels, PV pumping inverter, AC pump (3-phases), cables and accessories.
Eco Green Energy provides you different kinds of pumps for the same power. Because we know that each client is different and will use his product for a different kind of application, we developed 3 different series of pumps: BS, ES and DS
Even if the pumps have the same power, the lift head and flow rate are different. You can select your model according to your needs.

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