A trustworthy commitment is made by ECO GREEN ENERGY to guarantee the outstanding product quality. This has been the key of our success. Together with our performance and reliability, we have successfully achieved our clients' satisfactions.

Quality Control Process

A complete and multistep approach of quality control has been developed and implemented by EGE throughout our production chain of our products. First of all, the most qualified materials are selected, based on our tests. During the production, a professional quality team has been dispatched to each quality control point, identifying and eliminating troubles with a quick response action. An over test including performance and endurance is conducted to each individual completed product.

Quality Control Team

EGE has formed a professional quality control team, composed of Chinese and European people, who carries out precise inspections that ensures our products meet the most rigorous international standards. This team has been well trained with the belief: ensuring perfect quality.

Certifications and Warranty

A rational warranty is always offered with EGE's products, e.g. 25 years for Solar Panel. Please contact our sales team for more info.

Customer Service

Eco Green Energy offers a global service with 7X24h availability, swift response, technical capability, and multi lingual speaking team. This team provides all technical specification, installation guidance, trouble validation, and after sales service. EGE is responsible for each sale and following up.

Together with Eco Green Energy, we will achieve win-win success.

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