Eco Green Energy Group Limited is part of the leading suppliers of solar and other renewable energy devices in China. We offer solutions and applications according to your need.
Each year we produce and export about 80 MW of solar panels and other devices using solar panels.

During 2013, Eco Green Energy has exported over 100 MW of solar panels (mono and poly crystalline) and other devices that require photovoltaic technologies.

Our product range includes:

Solar Panels: Mono and Poly crystalline 
Solar Power Systems: On Grid and off Grid
Solar Road lights: Solar yard Lights and street lights
Solar Water Heaters: With tubes or plates, non pressure, pressurized or separated
Solar Water Pumps: DC and AC
Solar Lights: Solar lamps, solar torch lights, integrated solar LED lights, etc.
Solar Cooling Products: Solar fridges, freezers and fans
LED Lights: LED bulbs, tubes, head lights, high bay lights
Magnetic Lights: Magnetic induction street lights, high bay lights
ontrollers and Inverters

We provide you the best solar solutions for your needs.

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