New Solar Road Lights

October, 27th 2017
New offers of Solar Road Light, including new models of batteries (Gel or Lithium), new controllers PMW or MPPT as well as new sizes available for poles which complete our large range. A wireless remote control is also included!...

Your satisfaction is our priority that is why we can customize every element to your demand:
· Autonomy of the lights (2 back up days battery – 3 days autonomy; can be increased)
· The type of battery (Gel or Lithium)
· The place of the battery (buried, bottom or hung on the pole for gel, behind the panel for lithium)
· The type of solar panel (Poly or Mono)
· Size of the poles (Size, Height, Width, Geometric Shape)
· Power of the lights
· The design of the head light (4 different models)
· The type of lights (Single or Double)

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