Eco Green Energy: Setting New Standards for Fire Safety in Solar PV Modules!

Watch Out Big Loss Caused By Solar Panel Fires!

Recent statistics highlight the importance of fire safety in solar PV installations. A 2021 study based on data from Germany, Italy, Australia, and the United States revealed that these countries experienced an average of 29 fires per year for every GW of installed solar power. In Germany alone, with approximately 1.7 million installations, there were around 430 fires involving solar panels.

While the risk of solar panel fires is low, the economic consequences can be substantial.
Solar panel fires can result in extensive damage to buildings and property, leading to significant repair costs and potential financial strain for affected individuals.

Additionally, the aftermath of a solar panel fire may result in increased insurance premiums, as insurers view such incidents as higher risk.

That’s Why You Need Choose Solar Panels With Fireproof Certificates!

The Italian Firefighters Association recognizes the need for stringent fire safety measures in photovoltaic (PV) installations. To address this, they have issued guidelines emphasizing the importance of preventing fire spread from PV modules to the building. Compliance requires certification of PV modules’ fire reaction class (1 or 2) according to UNI 9177 by an authorized Italian laboratory.

Picture: fireproof testing of Eco Green Energy’s double glass solar pv panel.

Our Solar PV Modules Lead the Way!

Eco Green Energy proudly announces that our solar PV modules have achieved the prestigious Class 1 Reaction to Fire Proof Certification. This fire certification, awarded by a renowned fire testing laboratory in Italy, signifies that our solar modules meet the highest safety standards during fire risks. With our modules, you can have peace of mind knowing that your rooftop installations, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, are protected.

  • Unmatched Durability: Beyond fire safety, our solar pv modules boast additional certifications such as CE and TUV SUD, guaranteeing their performance and resilience. They undergo hail impact testing and feature 3.2 mm thick tempered glass and anodized aluminum frames. Our pv modules are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring their longevity and reliability.
  • Protecting Property and Mitigating Risk: By choosing Eco Green Energy’s Class 1 Reaction to Fire certified pv modules, you not only prioritize safety but also mitigate these potential economic repercussions.
  • Invest in Safety and Quality: Choose Eco Green Energy for your solar PV needs and enjoy the assurance of top-tier fire safety, durability, and unmatched performance with our solar modules. Trust in our certified pv modules to provide sustainable energy while safeguarding your property and minimizing financial risk.

About EGE

Eco Green Energy is a high-tech, leading French enterprise that has been producing TopCon and PERC solar PV modules since 2008.

Our installed capacity has reached over 3GW with extensive network of 120+ distributors in 75+ countries worldwide.

Meet Eco Green Energy – the new Smart PV Module Pioneer that is revolutionizing the solar market and setting high European standards!


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