Atlas Home kit

410 W Full Black

The Atlas Home Kit 410W from Eco Green Energy is a ready-to-use photovoltaic station that allows you to use solar energy to your advantage and reduce your electricity bill. 


ATLAS Home Kit

Built to last

Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum frame for year-round durability

Unwavering strength

A frame with wall thicknesses of 2mm resistant to powerful winds
of up to 2400 Pa.

Perfect Plug & Play

Effortless installation, 
no tools required.

Maximum Sunlight Harvest

Adjustable tilt angle for efficiency, optimal in each season.

High-end microinverter

Integration of the five best brands for exceptional performance.

How to install your ATLAS Home Kit?

Start saving money in less than 2 minutes; It is tool-free, ergonomic, no construction necessary, simplified administrative procedure.

Meanwhile traditional panels requires a installer team, ATLAS Home Kit is done by few steps

How adjustable angle is your ATLAS Home Kit?

We have a wide range of tilt angles, allowing us to collect maximum solar energy and optimize the energy efficiency of the kit.


ATLAS Home Kit

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Comprehensive Certificates

IEC 61215/ IEC 61730 / IEC 61701 / IEC 62716
ISO9001:2015: ISO Quality Management System
ISO14001: 2015: ISO Environment Management System
ISO45001: 2018: Occupational Health and Safety

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