Atlas Urban kit

410 W Full Black

The Atlas Urban Kit 410W is a ready-to-use photovoltaic station, whose structure is optimized for installation on balcony railings. It therefore allows you to take advantage of your balcony to harvest solar energy and convert it into usable electrical energy in order to reduce the electricity bill. It is possible to install it on other vertical walls, such as a wall or a garden fence.


ATLAS Urban Kit

Built to last

Structure and frame in black anodized aluminum, with stainless steel screws.
Increased corrosion resistance in complete elegance.

Unfailing resistance

A wall thickness of the PV module frame of 2mm. A fixing system that allows you to become one with the guardrail, for even more security.

Easy installation

The kit is pre-assembled by us, installation does not require the intervention of a professional. It will take you 5 minutes, time to make two adjustments and 3 screws.

One-click production optimization

Take advantage of the easy one-click tilt angle adjustment system to optimize production energy, whatever the season and latitude.

High-end microinverter

Integration of the five best brands for exceptional performance.


Compatible with bodyguards complying with standard NF P01-012

Compatible with different heights of balcony railings.
Allows adjustment of the tilt angle AND the 0° position with a single structure.

Compatible with ALL balcony railings complying with standard NF P01-012.


Annual production of electrical energy: between 420kWh and 670kWh*

Savings*: €120 per year(*Depending on your location)

Profitability in less than 5 years

Kit warranty: 12 years

*calculated on the basis of an annual production of 529 kWh and an electricity price of €0.23/kWh.


ATLAS Urban Kit

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Comprehensive Certificates

IEC 61215/ IEC 61730 / IEC 61701 / IEC 62716
ISO9001:2015: ISO Quality Management System
ISO14001: 2015: ISO Environment Management System
ISO45001: 2018: Occupational Health and Safety

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