EGE Home Storage

EGE Home Storage, an avant-garde product designed for indoor and outdoor use. This innovative system features a battery associated with a detachable inverter, allowing flexibility in the choice of mode of use.


EGE Home Storage

Easy and secure installation

Comes with cable solution and connectors.


Anodized aluminum housing, waterproof level at IP65.


Adapts to all needs.


No communication protocol with the inverter required, compatible with a wide choice of brands.


Indoors – energy storage battery

Outdoors – portable energy station

Increase the power of your solar balcony tenfold with the addition of a lithium battery, allowing you to charge during the day and enjoy it in the evening. Coupled with the PV modules at the input and the microinverter at the output, it is the heart of an intelligent energy solution.

A modular design

Define the ideal configuration based on your 24-hour energy needs.


Principle of operation

The detachable inverter allows you to use the EGE Home Storage as a portable energy storage station. It still allows you to charge your battery with PV modules as well as directly plug your devices into the available sockets. Perfect for a camping weekend.


Easy assembly/disassembly.
Compact design, optimized for transport.

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Comprehensive Certificates

IEC 61215/ IEC 61730 / IEC 61701 / IEC 62716
ISO9001:2015: ISO Quality Management System
ISO14001: 2015: ISO Environment Management System
ISO45001: 2018: Occupational Health and Safety

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