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Eco Green Energy panels have been available in Morocco for many years thanks to our partnership with Solarway by Disway. They are the leading solar distributor in the country thanks to their high-quality range of products and good service. They have supplied and installed EGE modules to all kinds of customers, everywhere in the country: residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture, etc. Their range of products can meet the needs of every solar professional.


Deserts like Sahara have high solar potential to produce electricity. In the desert, sun strength is high, there is no shadow, no limited space, and stable weather conditions. It also helps local communities to get access to electricity.
Solar manufacturing has also taken steps to improve the durability of solar panels in the harsh desertic environment. For instance, manufacturers can add electric fields to panels to disperse the particles. They also improved overall durability.
Before considering these kinds of installations, you should check the certifications of the solar panels you will install. TUV can certify the PV modules with the IEC 60068-2-68 standard, which is the sand and dust certification. It is vital for installations in the desert as it certifies that the panels will resist sand and dust abrasion on the glass, frame, and junction box. Such abrasion can dramatically reduce the lifetime of solar installations in deserts.

Our Solution

Solarway by Disway, our partner in Morocco, just finished the supply and installation of a total of 295 KW solar installations in Dakhla, Western Sahara. The Helios Plus 450 W modules have been used for this project. These solar systems have been installed with storage solutions and will supply energy to local hotels.

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