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We are thankful to our partner, Solar House Energy, for developing a successful solar project using the EGE EOS poly panels.
As the head of the Moroccan Agency For Solar Energy, Tarik Hamane reported, Morocco is planning to get 52% percent of renewable energy by 2024. Moreover, it is even six years faster than the original 2030 target that the country has chosen before. And Eco Green Energy is glad to be a part of great plans on the path to increase the usage of renewable energy.


Morocco has one of the most ambitious energy targets worldwide, possessing sun and wind resources. The country is confidently moving to become a world leader in renewable energy. Even hard to believe that recently 97% of the whole energy was provided by fossil fuels.

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We are proud to have a vast African distributor network and implicate a lot of projects together, including Morocco. Here is the latest PV project, a solar water pump, located in this country. Now, this solar installation provides clean energy for the water pump system to supply water for irrigation.
In fact, solar water pumps promote saving costs, minimize the dependence on electricity. They are also environmentally friendly and without any emission production.

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