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Eco Green Energy’s CEO Interviewed by pv magazine France on the Unveiling of a Tailor-Made TopCon Module for the French Market

We’re excited to announce that our CEO, Dalibor Nikolovski, was recently interviewed by pv magazine France. The interview highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation as it previewed a groundbreaking TopCon module specifically designed for the French market. The exclusive unveiling took place at Open Energies, reaffirming Eco Green Energy’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions aligned with market demands.

New TopCon Module Tailored for French Market

The newly unveiled TopCon module, calibrated for the European residential and commercial & industrial (C&I) markets, showcases a bifacial, twin-glass design with dimensions of 1994x1134x30 mm and an impressive output power of 500W. Eco Green Energy is gearing up to launch the module in France within the next two months, pending the attainment of its Certisolis certification.

Distinguished Performance in Two Variants

Offering exceptional performance, the TopCon module comes in two variants. The first variant boasts a remarkable display capacity of 615-635 W, while the second variant, tailored for the French market, delivers a robust 500 W of power, standing at a height of less than two meters.

Efficiency and Sustainability in Every Detail

The bi-glass panel, featuring 2 mm on each side, achieves a maximum power output of 500W and an efficiency rating of 22.11%, making it an optimal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial roofing applications across Europe. The sleek black color is designed to complement European aesthetics.

European-Focused Design and Robust Construction

Tailored for European markets, the module stands at 1994x1134x30mm and weighs 26.2 kilograms. Encased in an anodized aluminum frame, it comes with a 20-year product warranty and an impressive 30-year linear power warranty. The TopCon module is engineered to operate between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius and withstands maximum front loads of 5400 Pa (snow) and rear loads of 2400 Pa (wind).

Anticipated Availability and Strategic Moves

Eco Green Energy anticipates the availability of the TopCon module in France within the next two months, allowing ample time to secure Certisolis low-carbon certification. CEO Dalibor Nikolovski shared with pv magazine France that the company underwent strategic changes in its cell supplier and established an office in Paris in 2023 to strengthen its presence and support its French teams.

Fully Automated Production in China

The fully automated production line for the TopCon module is located in Nantong, near Shanghai in China’s Jiangsu Province. Eco Green Energy has successfully equipped various solar projects across Europe, ranging from a large ground-mounted power plant in Macedonia to an industrial rooftop in Bulgaria and a community power plant in Italy.

Eco Green Energy is honored to be featured on pv magazine France , showcasing its dedication to providing cutting-edge solar solutions tailored for the evolving energy landscape.

About EGE

Eco Green Energy is a high-tech, leading French enterprise that has been producing TopCon and PERC solar PV modules since 2008.

Our installed capacity has reached over 3GW with extensive network of 120+ distributors in 75+ countries worldwide.

Meet Eco Green Energy — the new Smart PV Module Pioneer that is revolutionizing the solar market and setting high European standards!


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