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Eco Green Energy Illuminates 2024: Solar Energy Expo & Open Energies

As we step into a year 2024 brimming with promises of sustainable energy, Eco Green Energy (EGE) proudly announces its participation in two pivotal solar fairs – the Solar Energy Expo in Warsaw, Poland (16-18 January), and Open Energiesin Lyon, France (23-24 January). These events will serve as platforms for EGE to showcase its innovative solutions, with a spotlight on the groundbreaking EGE Home series and high-efficiency TopCon panels.

Solar Energy Expo (Poland, Warsaw)

Date: 16th to 18th January 2024

Venue: PTAK Warsaw EXPO, Booth E3.20b

What will be presented:

  1. Atlas TopCon Series: EGE will spotlight its TopCon panels (mono and bifacial), featuring cutting-edge Top Contact Technology for maximum efficiency and energy yield. These panels are set to redefine the standards of solar technology for all type of installations.
  2. Energy Storage Solutions: Utilizing advanced energy management systems, energy storage solutions with lithium batteries from EGE intelligently balance energy production and consumption, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Open Energies (France, Lyon)

Date: 23rd to 24th January 2024

Venue: Eurexpo de Lyon,Booth 7A06

Continuing the momentum:

  1. Atlas Home Kit 410W: Eco Green Energy brings its signature residential solution to Lyon, allowing French and European homeowners to experience the benefits of clean energy firsthand.
  2. Energy Storage Kit: The Energy Storage Kit makes its presence felt, offering a comprehensive solution that aligns with European commitment to sustainability.
  3. Carport: EGE’s Carport showcases the company’s dedication to innovative solutions, catering to both energy efficiency and architectural aesthetics.
  4. TopCon Panels: You will witness the unveiling of EGE’s TopCon panels, a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of solar efficiency, technologies development and French quality of EGE solar panels.

EGE: Lighting the Path to a Sustainable Future:

Both Solar Energy Expo and Open Energies provide a unique opportunity for you to engage with industry experts, enthusiasts, and stakeholders. By showcasing the EGE Home series and the groundbreaking TopCon panels, Eco Green Energy is not just participating in fairs; it’s actively contributing to the global discourse on renewable energy.

As we embark on this journey, Eco Green Energy invites you to join us at these solar fairs, witness the future of clean energy, and be part of the movement towards a brighter, greener world.

Contact us at info@eco-greenenergy.com and get appointment with our team!

About EGE

Eco Green Energy is a high-tech, leading French enterprise that has been producing TopCon and PERC solar PV modules since 2008.

Our installed capacity has reached over 3GW with extensive network of 120+ distributors in 75+ countries worldwide.

Meet Eco Green Energy — the new Smart PV Module Pioneer that is revolutionizing the solar market and setting high European standards!


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About our company

French High-tech PV development since 2008

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