Poland is seeing an increasing number of unsubsidized solar projects as it moves in leaps and bounds towards a target of 7.8GW of solar capacity this decade, as outlined in its National Plan for Energy and Climate.


According to the European PV industry association, SolarPower Europe predictions, the Polish solar market will grow by 35% annually. Actually, in Poland solar boom is happening at every level, from smaller privately-owned rooftop PV systems and commercial rooftop systems to large free-standing installations.

Eco Green Energy is always gratified to back the dream of a carbon-neutral world globally. We would like to share a recent rooftop installation for Ecohouse in Siemień Nadrzeczny, k. Łomży (Poland) developed and completed with a help of our official distributor in Poland, 4sun. In fact, for this installation, they used 17pcs of Eco Green Energy high-efficiency Helios Plus 370W modules. Moreover, the total capacity of the rooftop installation is 6.29kW.

Our Solution

Why EGE EOS mono is the best suitable for this solar rooftop project:

Solar Panels 9BB half-cut HELIOS PLUS 120 Cells Monocrystalline

Reduce the temperature of the solar hot spot above 20 C and current intensity between each cell, also increasing the efficiency and power.

Lower temperature coefficient than standard PV module

Power warranty of 83.2% after 25 years (loss of 0,6% efficiency per year)

Low LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) provides a more competitive price on 9BB than 5BB.

Reduction of the risk of Micro-cracks

Reducing the loss of current mismatch and resistance between the cells

Junction box IP68

We are thankful to our partner in Poland for stable and also smooth cooperation for many years.

Installed Capacity


Connection date to the grid 


PV module power


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