ExpoSolar Colombia 2023: Spotlight on LatAm

ExpoSolar Colombia 2023 is poised to significantly impact the international stage, exerting its influence across the Latin American and Caribbean regions. This prestigious event, drawing participants from 35 countries, represents a comprehensive showcase of the entire value chain within the realms of renewable energy, solar LED lighting, and electric mobility.

This year’s ExpoSolar Colombia promises to be an exceptional event, offering an expansive commercial space that plays host to over 300 exhibitors. It is not just a trade show; it’s a bustling hub for business deals and networking opportunities.

The event’s core essence revolves around fostering collaborations, accelerating innovation, and promoting sustainable solutions.

Key Highlights of ExpoSolar Colombia 2023:

  1. A Global Gathering: ExpoSolar Colombia 2023 serves as a focal point for professionals, experts, and stakeholders from across the world. With participants hailing from 35 countries, it offers a unique platform for cross-border exchange of ideas and business partnerships.
  2. Comprehensive Industry Coverage: The event embraces the entirety of the renewable energy sector, encompassing solar power and other emerging clean energy sources.
  3. Business Opportunities Abound: ExpoSolar Colombia 2023 provides a dynamic environment for exhibitors and attendees alike to engage in fruitful business interactions.
  4. Knowledge Sharing: Beyond its commercial aspect, the event boasts a rich academic and cultural program. This platform serves as a melting pot of scientific and technological advancements.
  5. Showcasing Innovation: ExpoSolar Colombia 2023 is where cutting-edge solutions for LatAm and the Caribbean region take center stage. Participants have the opportunity to explore and experience the latest breakthroughs in renewable energy technologies
  6. Sustainable Development: In line with the global commitment to environmental conservation, ExpoSolar Colombia 2023 promotes sustainable development by highlighting eco-friendly alternatives.

Eco Green Energy will participate in ExpoSolar Colombia from October 4 to 6.

We will introduce and promote our photovoltaic solar modules: the ATLAS, HELIOS Plus, and TOPCON series. We will participate in technical training followed by a question and answer session where our sales manager for Latin America, Eliana Zavala , will be present to address all inquiries about our solutions for various solar projects.. Therefore, it is also the right time to share and discuss the latest industry updates gathered at ExpoSolar Colombia 2023.

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