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Eco Green Energy is performing hard to deliver the most acceptable solutions for your business. Here is a newly completed commercial solar trackers installation 320kW with 20pcs solar trackers 16kW each, located in Varna city. It consists of EGE Atlas 550W 10BB Gallium-doped technology with maximized efficiency of 21.28%.


Bulgaria, like many countries, faces several challenges in the widespread adoption of solar energy: grid connection, financing, technology barriers, public acceptance and so on. Addressing these challenges requires a coordinated effort to create an enabling environment for solar energy development in Bulgaria. By overcoming these obstacles, Bulgaria can harness its solar potential to transition towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future and Eco Green Energy will always be willing to help by providing high quality equipment.

Our Solution

EGE Atlas 550W is the best solution for this commercial solar trackers installation:
– Gallium-doped Technology;
– 10BB Monocrystalline Module
– Lower LCOE and BOS
– Anti PID/ Low LID protection
– Less Hot Spot Shading effects
– Lower temperature coefficient
– More output in weak light conditions, such as haze, cloudy, and morning.
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