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Eco Green Energy is proud to start providing China with high-efficient PV modules that can bring benefits in the long term. We are excited to share news about installation construction in Nantong, Jiangsu province. Our installers finished working on the industrial rooftop project with a total capacity of 500Kw. For this system, the EGE Helios Plus 450W 9BB PV modules 120 cells with an efficiency of up to 20.81% providing inclusive output in different weather will be applied.


China is the leading country in solar energy implementation. According to Reuters, it built nearly 31 gigawatts (GW) of new solar power capacity from January to June, up 137% from a year earlier, with full-year installations on course to hit a record high. What is more impressive is that the total installations are expected to stand between 75 GW and 90 GW over 2022, breaking last year’s record of 54.9 GW. But the solar competition between different manufacturers in the country is harsh, and good quality is the best way to earn clients trust.

Our Solution

HELIOS Plus PV modules are the most suitable for this project:
> 9BB Monocrystalline Module 144 Cells.
> Lower temperature coefficient than standard PV module (possible to reach here -0.35%);
> Power warranty of 83.2% after 25 years (loss of 0.6% efficiency per year);
> Lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy), with a more competitive price than 5BB.
> Reduction of the risk of Micro-cracks.
> Reducing the loss of current mismatch and resistance between the cells.
> Junction box IP68.

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