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Eco Green Energy has provided the New Caledonian market with high-quality solar panels and support their desire to transform from fossil fuels to renewables. We are excited to share the latest solar project completed for the Medcity medical center by our trustful distributor, Socometra ENGIE Solutions. The installation consists of 360 supreme quality EGE EOS Mono 330w panels with a total capacity of 118kW.


The development of clean energy in New Caledonia is still limited but with high potential. The sector is gaining momentum under the combined effects of public impetus and the fall in the cost of renewables.
Hospitals are on the list of institutions that need continuous access to electricity to ensure ICU is 24/7 available. Having a great variety of medical equipment and critical services, they require to ensure electric supply at all times. Solar systems are the ideal decision to stay electricity-connected even in emergency cases. They also reduce carbon emissions in the environment.

Our Solution

EGE EOS mono is the best suitable for this project:
325W-335W Mono PERC 60 Cells, with efficiency up to 22.8%
IP68 junction box for long term weather endurance
High-quality aluminum frame, resisting load up to 5400 Pa and wind pressure up to 3800 Pa
High transmissivity but low-iron tempered glass
High performance in the low-light environment
Double EL test before and after lamination

Installed Capacity


Connection date to the grid 


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