New Caledonia, Karikaté

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With a unique natural heritage and 13 hours day duration, New Caledonia is becoming extremely attractive for solar energy implementation. The potential for clean energy there is enormous because of its abundant resources. Additionally, it offers business perspectives in various sectors.


The South Pacific island has a mission to switch to renewable energy, especially photovoltaics. According to the regulations of the Energy Transition plan for New Caledonia (STENC), adopted in 2016 – the country has an object to apply 100% renewable energy in public distribution by 2025. Thereby, New Caledonia is developing recycling and waste management to facilitate nature conservation without restraining economic development.

Our Solution

Eco Green Energy is glad to bring good news about the completed solar project in New Caledonia. Our distributor, Electrik Solar Energie, used EGE brand 330w PV modules for industrial purposes. Now, the photovoltaic project of 138Kw is located in a charming city Karikaté
Furthermore, we sincerely appreciate being present in the New Caledonian market to supply supreme solar modules for photovoltaic projects, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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